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Yoga, meditation and workshops in beautiful, undiscovered places around the world

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Sacred Root is not just another yoga class or retreat, it’s an ethos, a journey and a commitment.


Our ethos: 

Our bodies have a natural wisdom, which helps to guide, replenish and heal us. Yet in the busyness of modern life, many of us have forgotten how to listen to our bodies and spend most of our time caught up in our minds and tangled in our thoughts. We often feel detached, off balance and disconnected from ourselves and what it means to feel alive. 


Our yoga classes and retreats are designed to help you re-inhabit your body and quieten your mind, and in doing so, reconnect to yourself, your true potential and what it is to feel alive. 


Our yoga:

Our yoga classes create a space for you to explore your truth – rather than overriding sensations and feelings, we create a willingness to observe whatever arises with a sense of curiosity and acceptance. We learn to delve deep into our bodies, exploring tension, resistance and opening, and in doing so we come to know ourselves better. 


Our journeys:

Each Sacred Root retreat is designed to be a progressive and nourishing journey, from self-enquiry to self-realisation. We use a variety of tools including meditation, breathwork, yoga, group discussion, workshops and mindful nutrition.


Our retreats are held in areas of remote natural beauty where we have space to contemplate, room to grow and often rich, cultural perspectives to learn from. 


Our commitment:

To leave you naturally nourished and effortlessly re-aligned with yourself and your true potential, or as we like to describe it, to bring you back to your sacred roots.