Give Back

We believe in the power of yoga to heal trauma and to transform lives, which is why Sacred Root supports charitable projects in our retreat countries who are committed to offering yoga to vulnerable children and adults.

By coming on a Sacred Root retreat you’ll help to support these charities and experience first-hand how yoga has transformed the lives of others.

In Cambodia, we’ve partnered with Krama Yoga, an NGO based in Phnom Penh. Krama Yoga provides yoga and education to vulnerable Cambodian children and teenagers. These young people have been abused, trafficked and orphaned, and many are forced to collect rubbish to make a living.

Sacred Root supports Krama Yoga in the following ways:

  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT – we donated over 10% of the profits from our Cambodia retreat to Krama Yoga and have made an ongoing commitment to do so.


  • YOGA WORKSHOP FUNDRAISER - we led a Sacred Root yoga workshop at Nataraj studio in Phnom Penh to raise funds for Krama Yoga and have committed to do so after each Cambodia retreat.

  • LEARNING – we invited one of Krama Yoga’s yoga teachers to join us on our Cambodia retreat for a day and to participate in our meditation, yoga and workshops, so that they could experience different styles of teaching and so that we could learn more about Krama Yoga’s work.



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