6 simple things that are helping keep me sane in these extraordinary times


Checking in with friends and family regularly, by video call if possible. It’s easy to feel stranded and overwhelmed right now but a call with a group of mates and a glass of wine (ok, bottle) can make a huge difference. If you want to help your neighbours, an online group, Covid-19 Mutual Aid will let you know what’s happening in your local area ( I’ve joined the Hammersmith Group and hopefully will be able to start delivering supplies shortly.


There’s not one speck of dust left within these four walls (for anyone that knows me well, this may come as a surprise). We may not be able to control what’s happening in the world, but we can make the space we live in as clear and as pleasant as possible. I’ve been space clearing with palo santo which helps to banish stuck energy (and if that’s not your bag, it smells much better than Pledge).


At the risk of sounding a bit only child, create some boundaries in your home FAST! To avoid killing each other, there are certain places at certain times that are no go areas for Jamie and me. It’s crucial for us to have somewhere to retreat without interruption and to have some time alone. Booby trap the door if necessary to keep kids at bay.


I’ve been practicing loving kindness meditation in the morning when I wake up and then again in the evening with an online group. These meditations involve tuning into your body and mind, then cultivating a feeling of loving kindness for yourself, your loved ones and the rest of the world. Scientifically proven to reduce stress, boost your immune system and to flood your body with “happy hormones” such as oxytocin. If you want to join the group meditations, they’re led by Guy Burgs and are at 10am and 7.30pm. Join by clicking here


I’m already like a coiled spring, so am making sure that I get out in nature to move every day while I still can. Most of the UK nature reserves are still open, so if you’re feeling well and don’t have any health issues, you can still reap the benefits of visiting these beautiful places while boosting your physical and emotional well-being. Alternatively, a park or a muddy track will do.


I know I’m biased but practising yoga each day is really helping to curb my stress levels. You don’t need to go anywhere as there are heaps of online classes, all you need is a mat and if you don’t have one, the carpet will do. Yoga studios like Lumi in Hammersmith are running online classes from Saturday and if you're looking for a more intimate group or one on one sessions, I'm going to be running daily online classes from the end of the week. More details to follow!